Sponsorship packages are available. Contact for enquiries and for full or support sponsorships.

Sponsoring Levels Sponsorship Amount
Platinum-Gala Dinner (One available) 55,000 $
Tanzanite Welcome Reception (One available) 40,000 $
Titanium  (One company) 25,000 $
Diamond  (One company) 20,000 $
Gold  ((One company) 15,000 $
Silver  (Open to several sponsors) 12,000 $
Bronze  (Open to several sponsors) 10,500 $
Delegate bags (One company/Benefits at same level with Silver) 12,000 $
Coffee Break per break (7 available/ Benefits at same level with Silver) 12,000 $
Delegate Badges (One company) 5,000 $
Patrons of Students (Student Scholarship amount per student. Several students can be sponsored by one company) 2,500 $

Sponsoring benefits click here to see the benefits.

Sponsorship Booking Procedure
An account must be created at this link After your account has been successfully created, you may choose your Sponsoring opportunities by continuing the steps of registration as Sponsor. After the creation of your personal account if you want to go directly to the Sponsor’s page or modify your sponsoring follow the link t this link.-