Membership Benefits

  • 1. Membership is open to all those with a materials science related qualification or have an interest in materials science.

  • 2. Quarterly newsletter on news and events on materials science activities in the five regions of Africa (Northern, Southern, East, West, Central) and outside Africa.

  • 3. Information on available materials science related research funding opportunities.

  • 4. MRS annual free membership on attending biannual AMRS conference.

  • 5. Reduced registration fees apply to AMRS members to AMRS-sponsored conferences and workshops.

  • 6. Biannual award recognizing outstanding materials scientists.

  • 7. Support for post graduate students to attend biannual AMRS conferences.

  • 8. AMRS fosters and encourages student participation in events of interests to materials. Scientists such as Young Materials Scientists Events, research colloquia, postgraduate symposia.

  • 9. Access to information on materials fabrication and characterization related companies and their events.

Membership Registration

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